Little Blessings Cupcakes & Bakery



Single $3.50

4 Pack $13.50

6 Pack $19.50

Dozen $37

Minis $20 

2 Dozen $37


Vanilla or Funfetti  Net Carbs 3g

Chocolate, Choc. Mint, Choc Peppermint Net Carbs 5g

Chocolate Cookie Dough Net Carbs 5g

Chocolate Peanut Butter Net Carbs 6.42g

Churro Net Carbs 3g

Cappuccino Net Carbs 3.3g

Berry Net Carbs 3g

Maple Chip Net Carbs 3.6g

Red Velvet Net Carbs 4g

Chai Net Carbs 4g

Lavender Vanilla Net Carbs 5g

Coconut Lime Net Carbs 1g

Matcha Net Carbs 3g

Strawberry Lemonade Net carbs 2.6g

Lemon Net Carbs 4g

Eggnog Net Carbs 5.9g 

Gingerbread Net Carbs 3.8g

Pumpkin Spice Net Carbs 2g


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  • "The cupcakes were AMAZING!!!! There were numerous folks asking about you so hopefully you get to drum up a little extra business! Thank you for your diligence in planning and ..."